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Mark Kayser, host of TruckVault's Xtreme HuntsTruckVault Xtreme Hunts is a blend of reality and extreme hunting. Each episode follows host Mark Kayser, an average family man, undertaking the quest of extreme hunts across North America. Xtreme may be defined as a grueling backpack trek to reach deep-woods elk, lying for hours in a foot of snow waiting for geese to settle into decoys or sweating it out while pursuing pronghorns in a prickly-pear infested prairie. He’s seen it all and experienced the worst for success. Regardless of the hunt you’ll see Xtreme Hunting in all aspects from large to small.

Besides the entertainment value of Kayser eating dirt, he shares his wealth of hunting knowledge and tips he gleans from his hunting partners. Throughout the series you’ll discover ways to get more from your hunt including, but not limited to: physical conditioning, overcoming altitude sickness, late-night driving tips, sleeping in your truck, hunting tips for kids, game calling tips, rugged gear for rugged terrain and others.

Finally, TruckVault Xtreme Hunts honors our law enforcement officials with Hero Hunts. Many of TruckVault’s major clients are police, fire and even military personnel. Host Kayser invites worthy individuals along on extreme hunts as a thank you for their service. It’s a simply way to give our public servants a short vacation from protecting what we all hold near and dear to our hearts.

In short, TruckVault Xtreme Hunts is a real look at hunting with a host that wants the audience to leave with some new information and a grin.

Mark Kayser, host of TruckVault's Xtreme Hunts

About Mark Kayser

Mark Kayser joins “TruckVault’s Xtreme Hunts” as an accomplished host who applies his expert hunting skills to extreme big game and wingshooting hunts across North America. Mark brings a wealth of top notch outdoor experience right into your living room as you learn what goes into the making of a successful hunt as well as what happens when things go wrong. Several episodes will also feature local heroes of our public safety community. Mark continues to lead a colorful and respected career in the outdoor industry. Mark graduated from South Dakota State University in May of 1988 with a major in journalism and a minor in history. Mark worked his way from being an outdoor photographer for the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks, to an outdoor writer/ photographer for the South Dakota Department of Tourism, to Outdoor Promotions Manager for the same department. From there he took on a Media Relations Coordinator position where he oversaw all media relations projects including PR, which eventually led Mark to managing all media relations for the South Dakota Department of Tourism and the generation of $2.5 million annually in traceable publicity.

Mark focused his talents next on the pen, parlaying his skill for writing into a consistent career as a freelance writer contributing to publications like: Outdoor Life, North American Hunter, American Hunter, Sporting Classics and Bowhunter magazine among others. In addition Mark continues to write a Whitetail Bowhunting column for Bowhunt America, is the Whitetail Columnist and the Conservation Editor for North American Hunter to this day.

It wasn’t long before Mark made the natural jump to television with video and TV appearances on: World of Beretta (Versus), The Wild Rules (ESPN), Realtree Outdoors (ESPN2), Backroads With Ron & Raven (ESPN), American Hunter (ESPN2), North American Outdoors (ESPN2), Tales of the Hunt (TOC), and Cabela’s Sportsman’s Quest (ESPN2) among others. In his most recent project Mark is currently co-hosting the popular series Whitetail Revolution that airs on Versus and launched in 2006.Mark Kaiser



TruckVault follows up its very successful 2008 debut of “TruckVault’s Xtreme Hunts” with a change in format for 2009. We switched gears for 2009 in trying to stay one step ahead of the economy and teamed with reputable Careco Productions, out of San Antonio, TX. This year our programs will air inside the ever popular Americana Outdoors series, reaching over 25 million viewers across multiple national and regional networks to include VERSUS, Lonestar network, FOX, ESPN and others. Through multiple networks featuring a multitude of airing times and dates we are able to provide you, the viewer, with a greater variety and opportunity to watch our show. We are grateful you have chosen to tune in and join TruckVault, with show host Mark Kayser, for more fast paced “Xtreme Hunting” season two sit back and enjoy!


Outfitter: Arctic Adventures, (888) 849-0048,

XTREME ELEMENTS: Plenty of driving rain, high winds (60+ mph) and extremely long hikes (up to 15 miles per day) make for a tough hunt. Adding to the extreme nature of this hunt is the fact that camp staff hands a detailed map to Mark, showing where caribou often travel, and then sends him off to hunt unguided!

Join host Mark Kayser on this fly-in adventure to a remote area of northwest Quebec for migrating Caribou. This hunt takes place in spectacular country but was hampered by incredibly bad weather and a late to non-existent migration during his stay.  This started out as an archery hunt but it quickly became evident a rifle was the only way he'd get an animal. Eventually Mark was able to spot and stock a trophy bull but only after chasing him down from several miles away.

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9/21/09 11:00AM Lonestar
9/23/09 4:30PM Lonestar

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Episode 101 - South Dakota Old Stomping Grounds

Mark Kayser returns to the ranch where he earned his open-country whitetail hunting degree. It takes a fast pace to keep up with these prairie ghosts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
Episode 102 - Colorado Archery Elk/South Dakota Upland

You're sure to get a Rocky Mountain high while watching Mark Kayser pursue Elk at high altitude with bow and arrow. Later, Kayser joins forces with Montana law enforcement officers Francine Giona Janik and her father Topper Giono for a ground-pounding hunt for South Dakota sharp-tailed grouse, greater prairie chicken and pheasant.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Video photographer John MacGillivraySo you want to be an outdoor TV star? Be careful what you wish for. Actually, it’s not that bad, but it’s not all hunting as you might expect. First, it’s hours and hours of planning. Each season of filming begins nearly a year in advance with solid plans taking place six to eight months prior to the hunt. Planning is sometimes replaced with luck and prayers as I wait patiently to see if I was lucky enough to draw a license in a particular state or region where I hope to film a new episode. Putting in for all these licenses also means my credit card has a debt on it that in my world; compares to the President’s national debt.

After planning is finished it’s time to coordinate and update gear. This is fun, but still a chore in attempting to insure I have gear pre-sorted and set aside for each hunt including hunts for upland game, waterfowl, muzzleloader big game, archery big game and centerfire hunts. Oftentimes I have at least four or five gear bags packed and ready to go during the fall so I can stop by the house and leave in a matter of hours. It’s the same for clothes and I always have a couple bags ready with clean clothes and the right outfits to handle the elements regardless if I’m dealing with Canada’s cold or New Mexico’s heat. Hunts generally begin in mid-August and wrap just before Christmas with the longest stretch running from late October through early December where I rarely get home for clean underwear. I do bring laundry detergent along to make sure my skivvies are clean! Mark Kayser, sweating in 100-degree-plus blind, waiting for a shot.Since hunts often run back to back, more often than not I’m driving through the night to a new destination including one hunt last year where I landed from one hunt, drove all night and hunted all the next day without a wink of sleep. Glamorous right?

But enough grumbling; it’s still a great way to make a living. I can say I’m truly blessed to be working in the outdoor industry as a television host, writer, photographer and as a public speaker. I often have to tell myself that when I’ve been on the road for 30 days straight or upset over a malfunctioning camera, but hey, I could be doing one of the Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe highlights weekly on The Discovery Channel. As long as my body will take the abuse, I hope to continue providing outdoor entertainment.

Good Hunting and Shoot Straight!

Mark Kayser

Mark Kayser,
Host of TruckVault's Xtreme Hunts

TruckVault Xtreme Hunts honors our law enforcement officials with Hero Hunts. Many of TruckVault’s major clients are police, fire and even military personnel. Host Kayser invites worthy individuals along on extreme hunts as a thank you for their service. It’s a simply way to give our public servants a short vacation from protecting what we all hold near and dear to our hearts.

Francine Janik, recipient of the first TruckVault's Xtreme Hunts Hero HuntFor our first Hero Hunt, we selected Francine Giono Janik of Whitehall, Montana. Janik is a graduate from Montana State University with a degree in Vocational Agriculture. Francine became an NREMT in 1991 and worked for the Town of Whitehall. She began her career in law enforcement with the Montana Highway Patrol in 1991. In 1992, during a routine traffic stop, Janik was shot in the line of duty. She managed to regain her composure and returned fire, killing her assailant. Later, it was determined that the deceased had murdered two people in Douglas County, Nevada.

As a recipient of the honor, Janik received a hunting trip at the renowned Tumbleweed Lodge in Pierre, South Dakota with Mark Kayser. As part of her award, Janik selected her father, Francis “Topper” Giono – a career law enforcement officer and one of the first EMTs in Montana – as her hunting partner.

Both Janik and Giono are avid bird hunters, so the trip suited them well. “Hunting with Francine and Topper was as much fun as it was rewarding to treat great law enforcement officers to some of the best upland bird hunting in North America,” said Kayser. “Breaking away from the non-stop world of law enforcement is not only difficult, but often times downright impossible. Our TruckVault ‘Hero Hunts’ are just a small way to repay a couple of our many heroes for their great service to Montana and our country.”


Brian Steinwand of Denton, Montana, with TruckVault CEO Al Chandler.For our second TruckVault's Xtreme Hunts Hero Hunt, we selected Brian Steinwand of Los Angeles, California. Steinwand was born and raised in Southern California. He spent many years chasing his baseball dream before finally settling into law enforcement as a career; joining LASD on May, 18, 1983 at 21 years of age.

After graduating the academy Brian worked at the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles through ’86 before moving to the Lynwood Station as a Patrol and Training Officer. In 1988 Steinwand joined Operation Safe Streets working as part of the patrol team before making Lynwood Station Detective in 1989.

In 1994 Brian moved to the Industry Station area before becoming a Homicide Bureau Detective (county wide) in 2000. Presently he is working in a newly formed specialized unit within Homicide Bureau that is concentrating on using new techniques and technologies to solve unsolved murders as well as prevention of additional murders before they occur. The emphasis of this new unit is to identify the most violent and active gang members who ultimately are responsible for the murders regardless if they actually committed the act itself.

As a recipient of the honor, Steinwand received an all expenses paid trip from his home in Southern Cal to meet up with Xtreme Hunts show host Mark Kayser and TruckVault CEO Al Chandler for three days of hunting in Denton, Montana. For many years the Denton area of Central Montana has been known for its red hot wild pheasant hunting. As we find in most parts of the country, a good deal of the private property has been leased and/or posted. In this episode, host Mark Kayser and guest Brian joined Pheasants Forever advocates in hunting Pheasants Forever property that is open to all hunters. 

This was not a barnyard hunt but rather a tough-as-it-gets late-season wild bird hunt. Guest and LA County Homicide Cop Brian Steinwand soon found out that catching up with these wily birds was just as tough, if not tougher, than chasing down murder suspects. 



For the third and final Hero Hunt of the 2008 season, we selected Greg Hall. Hall resides in Pennsylvania and is currently working as an NTOA Instructor. Greg joined show host Mark Kayser for his waterfowl hunt near Fort Morgan, Colorado, along the South Platte River. The duo joined up with seasoned waterfowl outfitter John Hagen of John Hagen Outdoors.

Conditions for the hunters were very extreme with heavy snow falling ahead of their arrival. Canada geese and mallards were feeding heavily in drought-stricken cornfields that were left standing due to their lack of profit in the region. The hunting was done from pits in large spreads of nearly 300 goose decoys and several dozen mallard decoys. The first day was slow for geese, but the last few hours saw a buzzing of mallards and the shooting was fast and furious minutes before sunset. “The enthusiasm that Greg displayed in less than “ideal” hunting conditions was exemplary of the enthusiasm he carries over into his work. It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with him in the field and it did not take long for me to realize how deserving he was of this trip,” stated show host Mark Kayser.

A massive cold front moved in that evening for the second and last day of the hunt. In fact, during the evening duck shoot Canada goose decoys were blowing head over tail feathers across the field, but it didn’t bother the ducks one bit. The next morning winds were blowing at more than 30 mph with temperatures dipping below zero and subzero windchills.

“We hung in there pretty good but man, what a wild ride it was!”, quipped hunt recipient Greg Hall. Despite the severe weather, the goose shooting was phenomenal with both lessers and greaters settling in the decoys. For Greg, the chance to catch a break from teaching special weapons tactics was a treat, regardless of the weather. And the time spent in the pits between flights of ducks and geese… was a time for sharing jokes, tales and war stories.


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